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Valet Customers

01 / Request

Request your car from your phone (via text or app) whenever you are ready to leave, or set a timer for when you want the request to be sent. 

02 / Pay

Use our secure payment portal to pay the valet fee and add an optional tip. Or simply skip payment and pay with cash outside.

03 / Drive Away

The valet will notify you once your car is outside ready to go. Once notified, step outside, show the valet your mobile receipt, and drive away. 

We can be completely ticketless or compliment a ticketed system.

Welcome to Convenience

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Valet Drivers

01 / Check In

Politely ask for the customer's phone number and fill it in the app (with voice or text).

02 / Park

Park the car, fill in the lot info in the app and wait for a request in the app!

03 / Deliver

Accept a customer's text or app request from the live valet timeline and deliver the car back to the customer.

We think valet drivers deserve more tips.

Welcome to Innovation

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Valet Management

01 / Sign In

Sign into your Voilà Valet account on your computer via our website or using the Voilà Valet app.

02 / Observe

Watch and observe as your company's live data is tracked. See your locations, employees, revenue, and more! 

03 / Manage

Make timely management decisions based on your live data analytics or cash out your earnings directly to your bank account!

We customize to improve your business.

Live Data Anywhere 


Transparent Pricing


per month

per location

Small Business

Up to 500 cars/month

$0.30 per additional car

1.4% gateway payment fees

per month


per location


Unlimited cars/month

Big valet companies

1.4% gateway payment fees

per month


per location


Unlimited cars/month

Hotels, airports, residences

1.4% gateway payment fees

We subsidize 100% of all driver's tip gateway payment fees (up to $5 tip).


We subsidize the valet company's gateway fees to 1.4% (up to $10 parking cost)!

We understand all companies are different. Please contact us at info@voilavalet.com to create a custom solution to fit your needs. No company is too small or too big!


In such a sophisticated and cashless society, valet parking has surprisingly remained untouched. Cars are smarter, but the same old cash-heavy valet ticket transaction remains the same. So, we took the matter into our own hands and supplied a striking solution. We want to help improve current valet companies, not take them out of business like some disruptive tech companies.


Voilà Valet is the first cashless, ticketless, and social solution to valet parking. Users are able to request their car, time their departure, pay for their valet, and connect with other valet users all from their phone.


We want every voice to be heard. Our goal is to naturally integrate valet parking, technology, and human interaction in a social setting; a groundbreaking and untapped combination. Speak your mind to those around you! Let them know where the after party is, what to order off the menu, why you love Voilà Valet, etc.


Valet Companies can use our app as a convenient and efficient tool to track their valet services. They can save money and time by going ticketless, and increase their reputation by improving each valet transaction. Have record of reports, deposit earnings straight into your desired bank account, and eliminate “lost cash”, all at an extremely affordable monthly rate.


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